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National Infrastructure Protection Plan, June 20, 2006 The Secretary of Homeland Security released the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) in efforts to “reduce vulnerability, deter threats, and minimize the consequences of attacks and other incidents.”


Numerous private sector security operations are managed according to voluntary security measures or adhere to industry-promoted best practices rather than regulation. The goal of the NIPP is to encourage collaboration on increased security standards by promoting participation by the Federal and State Governments and the private sector.

The NIPP establishes an overall framework for new and existing security programs. It designates17 Critical Infrastructure/Key Resource (CI/KR) Sectors, and sets a timeline for developing Sector-Specific Plan (SSP) for each of the respective CI/KR designations. These plans will be developed by sector coordinating councils, which are comprised of industry representatives and DHS personnel.  The SSPs are intended to serve as guidance documents for industry in establishing “sector-specific protective activities.”  These plans will include a description of the sector’s information-sharing mechanisms and protocols. ILTA sits on both the Chemical Sector Coordinating Council (CSCC) and the Oil & Natural Gas Coordinating Council (ONGSCC).


Chemical Sector SSP The Chemical Sector SSP has been presented to DHS for final approval.


Oil & Natural Gas Sector SSP This plan is still under development, and is several months away from being finalized.


Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD-7), December 17, 2003 This order mandated the development of the Sector-Specific Plans and authorized Federal departments and agencies to identify and prioritize United States critical infrastructure and key resources and to protect them from terrorist attacks.



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January 2007 The December 31, 2006 goal of having all Sector-Specific Plans completed and submitted to DHS for review has not been achieved. While both the Chemical and Energy Sector’s are close to having their plans finalized others have yet to be drafted. For more information on the NIPP please visit. 


December 5, 2006 President Bush signed Executive Order 13416, entitled Strengthening SurfaceTransportation Security. It requires the Secretary of DHS to create an SSP for the Transportation Systems Sector and to develop an annex addressing each surface transportation mode as identified within the Transportation Systems Sector’s SSP.


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