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Click here for additional information on the TWIC program and card enrollment process.


Legislation & Rules


Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR), Federal Register March 27, 2009 Under the ANPR, MTSA-regulated facilities would be assigned to one of three risk tiers.  Most terminals would be part of Group B, which include facilities that handle vessels carrying hazardous materials or flammable/combustible liquids.  Group B facilities would be required to have a TWIC card reader at every gate.  All unescorted personnel would be required to scan their TWIC and would only be required to use biometric verification at MARSEC Level 1 on randomly selected periods during the month. At MARSEC Level 2 and 3, all personnel would be required to verify their biometric identity once per day.  Facilities that handle “certain dangerous cargos” would be in the highest risk tier and would require more extensive use of biometrics.


33 CFR 125 This rule requires Coast Guard Captains of the Port to prevent access to waterfront facilities to persons that do not have appropriate identification credentials. It also explains the acceptable identification documents.


Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA), Title I: Maritime Transportation Security, Sec. 102 Port Security, November 25, 2002 MTSA requires DHS to issue a “biometric transportation security credential to … individuals who require unescorted access to secure areas of … facilities.”  To obtain the Credential, the individuals must pass a security threat assessment, which includes a review of criminal, immigration, and pertinent intelligence records.


Updates, Comments & Other Reports


May 2009  On May 26, ILTA submitted comments on the Coast Guard’s Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for the TWIC Reader Requirements.  ILTA recommends that Coast Guard:

  • Give terminals the option to incorporate TWIC into existing physical access control systems at MARSEC Level 1;

  • Allow the use of visual identification as a valid biometric match;

  • Eliminate the use of a personal identification number;

  • Reduce the risk characterization of asphalt cement; and,

  • Shorten the duration of record retention requirements.

December 2008 The Coast Guard has released a list of TWIC readers that have successfully completed Initial Capability Evaluation (ICE) testing.  TWIC readers that have successfully completed Initial Capability Evaluation (ICE) testing.  A proposed rule for readers is expected in 2009.  There will be a comment period prior to implementation.  ILTA will add a new web page for information relating to the TWIC reader rule once the proposed rule is announced.


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ILTA provides a monthly newsletter to its membership. Members may log in to the Member Resources page to access archived newsletters. The following is a list of articles ILTA has published in its newsletter relating to the Transportation Worker Identification Credential Card Reader.

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  • USCG Updates Policy on Incorporating TWIC Into Existing Access Control Systems, September 2009 Issue (p.3)

  • Coast Guard Issues Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on TWIC Card Readers, April 2009 Issue (p. 2)


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