Emergency Response

ILTA member companies are committed to keeping their employees and the response community safe during an emergency situation. They build partnerships with emergency services personnel in their communities so that everyone involved has the necessary information to make informed decisions and safely respond to a disaster. Through this essential information exchange and coordination as well as through response drills, training exercises and other ongoing actions, terminal facilities are continuously developing measures to mitigate or minimize the effects of an incident.

Additionally, ILTA has provided significant input during the development of important documents that promote the dissemination of important information between government agencies and industry, further utilizing industry trade associations, and encourage regular and periodic response drills. 

Enhancing Emergency Preparedness for Natural Disasters

ILTA recently joined in an effort by the National Petroleum Council, a federal advisory committee to the Secretary of Energy, to develop recommendations for improving the resilience of the natural gas and oil infrastructure. The report, Enhancing Emergency Preparedness for Natural Disasters, provides advice on how the oil and natural gas industry and government can better prepare for and respond to significant disruptions to oil and natural gas supply chains caused by natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods.

Ethanol Emergency Response Coalition

ILTA is a partner in the Ethanol Emergency Response Coalition, formed to support safety concerns with the transportation and handling of ethanol and ethanol blended fuels. The coalition has developed educational materials, including a training guide to ethanol emergency response, and conducts training programs for the emergency response community.

Potential Waiver Requests

ILTA assisted in the development of a comprehensive checklist of federal regulatory waivers that might be needed during a state of emergency in order to ensure the most efficient response and recovery. The list was included in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry Emergency Preparedness and Response Handbook, updated in March 2016, and in the Playbook for an Effective All-Hazards Chemical Sector Response, updated in October 2016.

Energy Waiver Library 

The Department of Energy's Energy Waiver Library consolidates common waiver and special permit resources for energy emergencies and natural disasters. It contains background information on waivers and special permits, historical examples of past use. links to previously issued waivers, and contact information to request a waiver.