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ILTA supports efforts to advance infrastructure bill; urges Congress, administration to remember ports, harbors, terminals  

Arlington, VA, May 15, 2019—Kathryn Clay, president of the International Liquid Terminals Association, today applauded President Trump for highlighting the importance of infrastructure, and particularly energy infrastructure, to America’s economy:                   

“ILTA applauds President Trump for both highlighting the importance of infrastructure to the U.S. economy and his efforts to put infrastructure legislation back in the spotlight. We urge Congress to take up this critical legislation.

“We want to remind both Congress and the administration of the importance of maintaining and improving marine infrastructure – such as ports and harbors. Our ports are uniquely important to America’s transportation infrastructure. They are responsible for over $4 trillion in annual economic activity. Maintaining America’s ports requires investment—to develop, maintain and expand.

“ILTA’s members provide storage and logistics for a wide range of liquid commodities, including crude oil, refined petroleum products, chemicals, biofuels, fertilizers and vegetable oils and other food-grade liquids. Terminals provide essential services linking transportation modes together and are in fact a key component of our transportation infrastructure overall.  Terminals make it possible for products to move between harbors and ports, pipelines, barges, rail and trucks – enabling trade within the United States and connecting the U.S. economy to overseas markets.” 



Founded in 1974, the International Liquid Terminals Association represents more than 85 companies operating liquid terminals in all 50 states and in over 40 countries. Our members’ facilities provide critical links between all modes of transportation for liquid commodities, such as crude oil, petroleum products, chemicals, renewable fuels, fertilizer, vegetable oils and other food-grade materials that are central to the U.S. economy. Terminals provide essential logistics services that spur trade both within the United States and connect the U.S. economy with overseas markets. ILTA’s membership also includes about 400 companies that supply equipment and services to the terminal industry.