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ILTA Committees and Groups

ILTA supports a variety of committees, subcommittees and working groups. These committees provide a platform for members to exchange best practices and address industry issues. They enable ILTA to leverage industry expertise to create work products that provide a tremendous benefit to the association membership. They also give members an opportunity to get involved and exchange ideas on key operational and regulatory topics. The individuals who serve on these committees provide critical input on issues of significant importance to terminals.

Eligibility: The committees and working groups are an advantage of membership and are open exclusively to employees of terminal member companies. Not a member?

ILTA terminal members may sign in to their account and update their communication preferences to receive information about these committees and groups.

Committees & Groups

Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Committee (EHSSC)

The committee convenes biannually to discuss a broad range of environmental, health, safety and security compliance topics impacting the terminal industry.

Environmental Subcommittee (ESC)

This subcommittee addresses environmental regulatory topics, approaches for achieving compliance and issues around new initiatives.

Health and Safety Subcommittee (HSSC)

This subcommittee focuses on issues of compliance and worker safety.

Security Subcommittee (SSC)

This subcommittee addresses issues relating to facility security, cybersecurity and various regulations aimed at preventing potential terrorist groups from gaining access to facilities.

Operations Council (OC)

The objectives of this group are facility integrity, asset protection, management systems and contractor management.

Human Resources Exchange Group (HREXG)

This group exchanges human resources best practices, discusses management topics, and shares approaches to hiring, recruiting and benchmarking in the industry.

Food Safety Working Group (FSWG)

This working group focuses on compliance issues associated with new FDA regulations under the Food Safety Modernization Act that include specific provisions targeting liquid storage facilities.

Process Safety Working Group (PSWG)

This working group focuses on evaluating safety metrics and management systems to improve terminal operations.

Emergency Response Working Group (ERWG)

This working group facilitates information sharing on training and exercise activities as well as the prevention of and response to emergencies at terminal facilities.