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ILTA Committees and Groups

ILTA supports a variety of committees, subcommittees and working groups. These committees provide a platform for members to exchange best practices and address industry issues. They enable ILTA to leverage industry expertise to create work products that provide a tremendous benefit to the association membership. They also give members an opportunity to get involved and exchange ideas on key operational and regulatory topics. The individuals who serve on these committees provide critical input on issues of significant importance to terminals.

Eligibility: The committees and working groups are an advantage of membership and are open exclusively to employees of terminal member companies. Join ILTA.

  • Professional Development Committee (PDC) 
    The committee will meet to review ILTA’s educational programs. Additional meetings will be scheduled for the committee, or subsets of the committee, on an as-needed basis.
  • Environmental Subcommittee (ESC) Co-Chairs, Keith Ocheski, Buckeye Partners, LP and Jay Leduc, Sprague Operating Resources LLC
    This subcommittee addresses environmental regulatory topics, approaches for achieving compliance, and issues surrounding new initiatives.
  • Health and Safety Subcommittee (HSSC) Co-Chairs, Byrne Evans, IMTT and Dennis Mendenhall, Marathon Petroleum Company L.P.
    This subcommittee focuses on issues of compliance and worker safety.
  • Security Subcommittee (SSC) Co-Chair, Jerry Jerdine, Ergon, Inc.
    This subcommittee addresses issues relating to facility security, cybersecurity and various regulations to prevent potential terrorist groups from gaining access to facilities. 
  • Government Affairs Committee (GOV) 
    Our Government Affairs Committee is meant for legislative and regulatory professionals to convene and brainstorm on how to best advance the association’s advocacy efforts.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Membership Manager, Chris Meilink, at