EPA Finalizes In-Service Tank Inspection Rules
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EPA Finalizes In-Service Tank Inspection Rules
Cathy Landry
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EPA Finalizes In-Service Tank Inspection Rules

ILTA is extremely pleased to announce that the US Environmental Protection Agency today finalized its new rule expanding the use of in-service tank inspections. The final rule, published in the January 19 Federal Register and in effect immediately, allows operators of tanks regulated under the New Source Performance Standards of Subpart Kb to use the in-service inspection requirements of Subpart WW to conduct periodic inspections of internal floating roof rim seals.  

This rule would eliminate the need for tank operators to empty their Kb tanks and remove them from service to conduct these inspections. By allowing a more efficient, in-service inspection methods to about 3,500 storage vessels, the industry saves money and fewer air pollutants are emitted. 

The liquid terminal industry has wanted this change for years. ILTA was able to highlight the unusual oversupply situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic (that has left tanks unusually full and nearly impossible to empty for inspection) to successfully make its case to EPA for the change. 

“We thank EPA for prioritizing this final rule,” ILTA President Kathryn Clay said today. “This common-sense solution will lower emissions, ensure safety and provide operations with increased regulatory flexibility.” 

EPA estimates the rule will reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds by as much as 83 tons per year save $768,000 to $1.1 million in regulatory costs annually. ILTA member companies estimate that savings could be even greater. 

ILTA considers this action a huge win for the liquid terminal industry and ILTA’s advocacy efforts. 


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