ILTA Launches Y-TIP Symposium
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ILTA Launches Y-TIP Symposium
Jay Cruz
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ILTA Launches Y-TIP Symposium

Working closely with Saudi Aramco and Tank Storage Magazine, ILTA will host its inaugural Young Terminal Industry Professionals Symposium on April 6. The online conference is aimed at all types of under-35 professionals in the bulk liquid storage industry, from those working outside on terminals themselves to those managing their operations inside. The three- hour event will feature presentations on a variety of topics for what is sure to be a cannot-miss event. 

The morning will begin at 9 a.m. ET, with a series of presentations from four professionals who will discuss how to engage younger workers and  mentorship programs in the terminals industry. The group includes operations, human resources, business development and marketing professionals, guaranteeing that the panel will have something for everyone.   

At 10 a.m. ET, the conversation shifts to a panel led by Margaret Dunn of Tank Storage Magazine and some of Tank Storage’s “40 under 40” professionals in the bulk liquid storage industry. The group will provide their thoughts on the industry’s future, as well as their reasons for joining the industry, and their individual goals. 

Finally, the event will conclude with a seminar on millennial engagement from Warren Wright of Second Wave Learning. Mr. Wright is a longtime friend of ILTA and is a fan favorite at our conference. He will speak on how companies and management can best address the generational differences between the those entering the workforce and longtime professionals in Generation X and Baby Boomers.   

All in all, ILTA’s Y-TIP is set to be a fantastic event for professionals of all levels in the terminals industry. You can register for the event on ILTA’s website here or through one of our marketing emails.  

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