ILTA 2021 Conference to Feature Three More Fantastic Sessions
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ILTA 2021 Conference to Feature Three More Fantastic Sessions
Jay Cruz
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ILTA 2021 Conference to Feature Three More Fantastic Sessions

​We are rapidly approaching ILTA’s 2021 Operating Conference and Trade Show, set for October 4-6 in Houston, TX. Every year, our conference brings together terminal professionals, government officials and subject matter experts to share their insights on the challenges facing the terminals industry and its future. In today’s Think Tank blog, we wanted to highlight three more fantastic sessions we have planned for this year’s event. Be sure to register as soon as possible to secure our early bird rates!

  • PFAS/PFOA: What’s Next? 

PFAS/PFOA compounds have long been the backbone for fire suppression at terminal facilities. Recent headlines concerning these so-called “forever chemicals” have resulted in calls by some policymakers to curtail or block the use of these chemicals for even the most specialized uses. Participants in this important and timely session will learn the answers to questions including: What state and federal policies are seeking to limit or ban the use of PFAS/PFOA compounds? How can terminal operators best prepare for operations under a new PFAS regulatory paradigm? What are the best practices for disposal, handling and storage of these compounds? What are the implications for future sales of a facility with a history of PFAS/PFOA usage? How should terminal operators communicate about PFAS to employees and to the public? What are effective alternatives to PFAS-containing firefighting foams? 

  • Planning for Resilience: Terminal Facilities and Natural Disasters 

Prepare your tanks for storms and hurricanes by knowing what risk tolerance they should be assigned, by knowing how much product to fill them with, even if there is not enough product to go around, and what the basic damage and failure mechanisms are and how to cope with them. We will show how to screen all your tanks for storm vulnerability in a one-shot process.  
A tornado went through one of the Ohio facilities damaging terminal fencing, lighting, office buildings, and two geodesic domes, buckled two tanks, and left a geodesic dome hanging inside the tank.  This presentation will discuss the overall process and efforts that were needed to return the terminal back to its normal operation including facility repairs, tank repairs, and geodesic dome replacement.  It will also discuss lessons learned, challenges that arose, and safety measures that were taken during this project. 

  • The New Demands of Leadership in a Multi-Generational Workplace 

Don’t miss the return of one of our most talked about sessions from 2019 -- offered twice in 2020.  Millennial workers thrive in an open, transparent environment with tight circles of feedback from their boss.  For Millennials, coaching is the new managing.  In this session, Warren Wright, President of Coaching Millennials, will explain why companies should encourage a coaching culture to get the best results from younger workers.  Warren will describe six simple strategies every employer can use to attract, manage, and retain its best Millennial talent. 

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