Member Feature: Joel Pastorek
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Member Feature: Joel Pastorek
Kathryn Clay
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Member Feature: Joel Pastorek

Joel Pastorek, Executive Vice President of Integrated Services & Logistics and Exploration & Production at Ergon, Inc., began his career with the company 18 years ago as a Project Engineer.

“My introduction to terminals began with overseeing expansion projects at our terminaling facilities,” Pastorek said. “I later moved into operations leadership roles within our terminaling business.”

Throughout his career, Pastorek has found one thing has risen to the top in terms of his favorite aspect of his job.

“The best part of my job is the people,” he said. “I have an opportunity to work alongside team members to develop logistics solutions that provide value to our customers.”

Pastorek has seen the industry change in a variety of ways throughout his time in the terminals industry, specifically when it comes to seeing a continued emphasis on keeping people and the environment safe.

“Over the years, we have seen the industry implement numerous measures which have reduced the risk of our operations, and I expect to see continued intense focus in this area to protect our people and our communities,” said Pastorek, noting other ways in which he predicts the industry will continue to change and evolve. “I would expect the industry to continue to expand in the ‘new energy’ space. Because of the infrastructure that our industry has put in place, I believe that we are well positioned to meet the needs of whatever logistics challenges come along with the energy transition.”

He also offered valuable advice for those just getting their start in the industry.

“I would recommend seeking out mentors and peers in the industry who can help you grow and develop in your career,” Pastorek advised. “We have a wealth of knowledge in our industry which can be tapped through organizations like ILTA.”

Through his membership with ILTA, Pastorek enjoys seeing friends from the industry (vendors and competitors) at conferences and trade shows.

“It’s a great way to learn about best-practices and ways to better run our business for the benefit of our customers and the communities in which we serve,” he said.

In addition to his work with Ergon, Pastorek has four children with which he enjoys traveling and spending time with, along with watching them participate in their respective extracurricular activities.

“Outside of that, I enjoy cycling, playing guitar, hunting, fishing and traveling!”