ILTA Building Robust Agenda for 2021 Conference
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ILTA Building Robust Agenda for 2021 Conference
Jay Cruz
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ILTA Building Robust Agenda for 2021 Conference

ILTA’s annual conference and trade show is back and better than ever for 2021! This year’s event will again be held in Houston on October 4-6 and will feature a diverse array of speakers, from industry experts to government professionals, who will provide meaningful insight into critical issues effecting the tank terminals industry. In today’s issue of Think Tank, we will be overviewing some of the most anticipated sessions in October’s upcoming show. 

  • Executive Panel – Industry Leaders Offer Predictions for the Future of the Industry 

ILTA’s conference will again feature a prime-time panel of liquid terminal executives who are part of this year’s ILTA Board of Directors. The group will discuss key challenges their companies and the wider sector are managing and what the future could hold. The executive panel is routinely one of our most popular sessions and should not be missed for those looking to get a broader perspective on the industry. 

  • Introduction to Block Chain for Terminal Professionals 

In a brand-new session for ILTA’s conference and trade show, Anjaney Borwankar of Navozyme and the Nautical Institute in London, along with his team of experts, will discuss the exciting world of blockchain, the crypotgraphical system increasingly used by many industries, including  finance, logistics and national security. Mr. Borwankar will provide an overview of blockchain that will raise awareness of this new tool for supply chain management as an efficient, cost-effective, reliable and secure system to conduct and recordi data that documents financial transactions. Using original hands-on, experiential methods, this program is designed to teach executives how to strategically evaluate and apply blockchain technology in their own businesses. The program will give senior leaders the tools they need to get beyond blockchain jargon and achieve real operational results. 

  • ESG Reporting: Best Practices for Engaging Your Stakeholders on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability 

Under the new Biden administration, the tank terminal industry must adapt to the strengthening push for cleaner energy and operations, environmental justice and climate change. ILTA will host a fascinating discussion on Environmental, Social and Governance reporting. Some companies have developed formal corporate responsibility and sustainability reports to disclose their ESG strategies and performance, while other companies are just getting started in this space with one or two requests for information. Join our panel session of ESG reporting experts to learn about: (1) the ESG reporting landscape and reporting trends in the oil and gas industry; (2) case studies and insights in navigating ESG reporting; and (3) best practices that you can build into your company’s ESG reporting strategy. 

This is only a sampling of what 2021 will have to offer. All three of these amazing presentations will happen along with our fantastic trade show and post-conference training sessions. We will provide more information in the coming months on our other sessions and other important details, so watch this space and our website: ILTA is back in 2021 determined to give its best show yet. We hope to see you there! 

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