ILTA Developing New Communications Toolkit to Help Members
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ILTA Developing New Communications Toolkit to Help Members
Cathy Landry
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ILTA Developing New Communications Toolkit to Help Members

ILTA is hard at work on a new communications toolkit that it hopes to unveil to its membership in the coming months.  The toolkit, designed to help the industry share the good news about the terminal industry and its importance to the economy, will feature many materials, including an industry PowerPoint, social media graphics, infographics, fact sheets and videos.  

ILTA, with a team of member volunteers, has identified three key messages to feature in the program: 

  1. Tank terminals are an integral part of the economy 

Materials, including fact sheets, social media and infographics, will discuss the products handled at liquid terminals and their uses and importance to everyday life. These materials will also discuss the economic importance of the industry as a critical piece of infrastructure and the benefits terminals bring to the economy through both exports and the facilitation of product movement domestically. 

  1. ILTA members are committed to safety, security and environmental protection 

ILTA intends to develop materials outlining ILTA members commitment to safety, security and environmental protection. It will talk about the multiple steps the industry takes to ensure safe, secure and environmentally friendly operations. It also will discuss the ways terminals work to be good neighbors and develop emergency plans to prepare in the unlikely event of an incident. In addition, we hope to feature innovative actions our members are taking in these areas. 

  1. The terminal industry is here to stay.  

ILTA wants to explain that the terminal industry is evolving and is here to stay. ILTA members are already preparing for a lower-carbon future and are storing, handling, blending and helping to facilitate the movement of newer, cleaner liquid fuels, including biofuels. Our members are also exploring ways to lower their own carbon footprint and are not only fuel suppliers. They handle a wide variety of liquid products, ranging from chemicals to liquid food. Because terminals are uniquely position and connected to multiple transportation modes, they are in the perfect position to help facilitate the movement to a cleaner energy future. Our materials will reflect this. 

All toolkit materials are unbranded, so a member company can easily insert its own logo. We hope that the materials will allow your company to become more active on social media and provide you with easy-to-tailor materials you can use in community meetings, discussions with regulators and lawmakers or use on your websites.  

Moving forward, ILTA will build a Resource Center on its website to allow members to find and easily download materials.  

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