St. Patty’s Day Dinner Made Possible With the Help of Terminals
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St. Patty’s Day Dinner Made Possible With the Help of Terminals
Cathy Landry
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St. Patty’s Day Dinner Made Possible With the Help of Terminals

You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day meal. And we’ve found some great recipes that are made possible because of liquid terminals that will help you celebrate the day.  While most people think of liquid terminals as simply storing fuels and chemicals, many liquid terminals, including lots owned by ILTA members, handle and store liquid food products, including molasses and coconut oil. 

Both feature prominently in some wonderfully delicious St. Patty’s Day recipes! 

You can start your meal with some Dark Molasses Guinness Irish Beer Bread. This recipe, which we discovered on the Bake Love Give blog, is a quick, one-bowl recipe that doesn’t require any rise time. It pairs perfectly alongside a hearty Irish stew or some traditional corned beef. 

Speaking of corned beef, why don’t you try Corned Beef with Bourbon Molasses Glaze? This Andrew Zimmern recipe, was found on the Food Network’s site, produces a sweet, salty and boozy corned beef. 

Of course, dinner isn’t complete without a nice desert. We’ve got two for you to try. Guinness Gingerbread Cupcakes with Baily’s Irish Cream Glaze, featured on the Crosby’s molasses website, were apparently inspired by New York pastry chef Claudia Fleming. They are an intriguing combination of molasses-rich gingerbread and rich, malty stout. The sweet Baily’s Irish Cream glaze complements the spicy cake, making these cupcakes the perfect grown-up treat for St. Patrick’s Day. 

And we don’t want to leave out our friends on the paleo diet. We’ve found a great dessert for you: St. Patrick’s Day Paleo Cupcakes. The paleo diet is free of dairy, gluten and refined sugars. This recipe, from the Veggie Staples blog uses substitutes such as coconut flour, yogurt, raw honey, avocado, cashews, and coconut oil – made possible because of liquid terminals – to construct a scrumptious dessert. 

As you are enjoying your St. Patrick’s Day meal, remember to thank liquid terminals! 

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