2019 Conference Program Preview

ILTA's 39th Annual International Operating Conference will feature in-depth presentations by experts who will share best practices and provide strategies for promoting worker safety, improving operation efficiency and complying with regulations and industry standards. With a variety of sessions to choose from, there's something for everyone! Below is a preview of the ILTA 2019 Operating Conference, including keynote speakers and a selection of conference sessions. Many more will be released in the coming weeks so check back often to see the latest updates. 

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2019 Keynote Speakers


Re-thinking Risk

Jordy Hendrikx 
Montana State University
Director of the Snow and Avalanche Lab, Associate Professor of Geography 

During lunch on Monday, scientist Jordy Hendrikx will ask us to re-think risk by looking at lessons learned in other hazardous settings—namely avalanche-prone areas. Bridging his decades of research on avalanche fatalities with his knowledge of risk management, Hendrikx will demonstrate how focusing on human-dimensions and decision making can help reduce fatalities and injuries in any risky setting. Hendrikx has spent the last 20 years working on snow and avalanche projects in mountains around the world, from Antarctica to the Arctic. His work has been featured in Nature, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Powder Magazine.

Improving Performance

Melanie Little
Magellan Midstream Partners, L.P.
Senior Vice President, Operations and Environmental, Health, Safety & Security

Industry leader Melanie Little opens our conference with a presentation on improving performance using strategy, outcomes and goals. While most companies have a written strategy, team members often fail to understand how the strategy ties into their jobs. Little will share lessons and demonstrate how having a clear strategy can ensure alignment across all functional areas and bolster team morale. Attendees will learn how a clear strategy can provide a platform for senior leaders to develop and communicate key outcomes and ensure that resources are truly focused in areas that will provide the best chance of achieving the company’s success.

Traits of Successful Leaders

Walter Nusbaum
President, The Nusbaum Group
Author, Do You Have What It Takes? and The Sink: Radical Transformation with One Small Change

The conference concludes with a presentation from author Walter Nusbaum. Building on themes from his books, Do You Have What It Takes? and The Sink: Radical Transformation with One Small Change, Nusbaum will examine the seven critical traits of successful leaders and teams and show how success can be accomplished by anyone willing to do the work. Nusbaum will challenge everyone to evaluate themselves, and he will discuss how they can continue to develop each of the seven critical elements of success. Walter’s academic background in strategic management, leadership and philosophy, along with his ability to see the problem and provide proven solutions, has made him a highly sought-after speaker and coach.  

Conference Session Highlights

Excellence in Safety Communication 
The most successful communicators know that simply delivering a message isn’t enough – what matters is making sure the message was received. This session will address common pitfalls in safety communication and how to avoid them. Our presenter, Shawn Galloway, is recognized as a global safety excellence expert by the National Safety Council and hosts the highly acclaimed weekly podcast series, Safety Culture Excellence.

Understanding the Human Element in Managing Risk and Safety
Why do some employees take unnecessarily high risks? This session will give conference participants the opportunity to continue the discussion of behavioral economics and risk tolerance introduced by keynote speaker Professor Jordy Hendrikx. Industry veteran Earl Crochet, Director of Engineering and Operational Optimization at Kinder Morgan, will share how he has observed these principles in practice over his career in the tanks and terminals industry.  

Coaching Millennials: Strategies to Motivate and Retain Younger Workers
Millennial workers thrive in an open, transparent environment with tight cycles of feedback from their bosses. For Millennials, coaching is the new managing. In this session, Warren Wright, President of Coaching Millennials, will explain why companies should encourage a coaching culture to get the best results with younger workers. Warren will describe six simple strategies every employer can use to attract, manage, and retain its best Millennial talent.

ILTA Safety Award Winners’ Showcase
Every year ILTA surveys its members regarding their personnel safety performance and recognizes companies with outstanding performance via its Safety Recognition Awards Program. In this session, representatives from two top 2018 safety performers will present on the programs, policies and initiatives that helped them achieve this high point in safety culture and performance.  

Getting on Track: Preparing Your Terminal for Railcar Operations
More products are being shipped and transloaded by railcar than ever before. Many companies fail to understand all the requirements – such as training, paperwork, liability and safe work practices – before making the jump into the rail business. This session will include an overview of transloading regulations, as well as discussion of common mistakes or omissions that can impact rail loading and unloading operations. 

Regulatory Compliance Strategies for Smaller Companies
Smaller companies must meet the same regulatory requirements as larger companies, but with fewer resources and personnel. In this moderated panel discussion, representatives of smaller ILTA terminal members will share their approaches to ensuring regulatory compliance without overburdening employees or business operations. 

Terminal Valuations for Today’s Market
Learn about trends in terminal sales and valuations in the United States and other key markets, including real world examples and valuation case studies. Our presenter will discuss the numerous factors involved in valuation, including costs of building terminals and expanding tankage, understanding and protecting the company from tax liabilities, and contract terms and controls, and other aspects of management of capital projects of all sizes.

Environmental Regulatory Compliance: 2019 Outlook
This session will provide participants with a high-level overview of expected developments in major federal environmental regulations that impact liquid terminals, as well as strategies for ensuring compliance. Experts will review applicable regulations, permits and agency inspection trends and use case studies to highlight compliance best practices.

Strategic Approaches to Permitting Challenges
Influenced by interest groups, political climate and public opinion, permitting timelines for construction have gone from months to years, and the cost to fully develop permits has sky-rocketed. Presenters will explain why the current permitting climate matters to your business model and provide strategies for better control of the permitting process and timeline.

Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Planning: What You Need to Know
Participants will learn how to determine when and how SPCC planning applies, develop and implement SPCC plans, and understand the distinction between requirements and recommended practices. Attention will be given to requirements for specific facility types, including integrity testing, exclusions and environmental equivalence.

These are just a few of the sessions that will be featured at the 2019 ILTA Operating Conference. Look for more in the next few weeks!