Attendee List Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert! – There are vendors attempting to sell conference attendees list. Please be aware that these vendors are not affiliated with ILTA and they have NO ACCESS to the information they claim to be selling. Please disregard emails from any companies attempting to sell you a false list. If you receive a message from any vendor you are unfamiliar with and would like to confirm their affiliation with the ILTA conference, please contact Meredith DeZemler at

We are committed to appropriate treatment of our attendees’ information, and we do NOT sell, rent or lease our lists to third parties. ILTA has not provided, and will never provide, these unauthorized vendors with any information from our distribution lists. Unfortunately, there is nothing ILTA can do to prevent these unauthorized third parties from contacting our members and exhibitors. Please always note the sender’s email address – if the email you are receiving is not from an individual listed on the staff page of our website, it is not a legitimate ILTA email.