Become an ILTA Exhibitor

Exhibiting at ILTA means that your products and services go in front of thousands of terminal professionals looking to buy. Expand your network and connect with industry colleagues from around the world at the ILTA trade show.

Read about the priority booking system for ILTA exhibitors

Top Reasons to Exhibit at ILTA

  • Grow your client base
  • Educate terminal customers about your products and services
  • Strengthen your relationship with current and future clients
  • Give your company an advantage over your competitors
  • Reinforce your company’s position or introduce your presence in the marketplace

Exhibitor Benefits

  • Free Company Profile — All exhibitors receive a basic company listing in the official ILTA show guide distributed on-site to all attendees. The listing includes the company name, contact information, website address, booth number and a brief description of products and services.
  • New Exhibitor Showcase — First-time exhibitors are highlighted in a special show guide section which includes a logo or photo, company name, booth number and a brief description of products and services.
  • Unlimited Trade Show Exhibitor Badges — Each exhibiting company is permitted to register an unlimited number of personnel to staff the booth during the trade show.
  • Trade Show Admission Tickets — Exhibitors will receive a customizable digital trade show admission ticket to send to their customers and prospects inviting them to visit their booth.
  • Prime Location — Houston, Texas, is the ideal setting for this industry event. More ILTA terminal member companies have headquarters and facilities in Houston than any other city in the world.
  • Exposure — Throughout the trade show, exhibitors gain exposure to the world’s leading professionals in the liquid terminal industry.

Who Attends the ILTA Event?

  • Owners and operators of bulk liquid storage facilities
  • Chief executives and managing directors of petroleum and chemical companies
  • Terminal managers
  • Business development/planning managers
  • Environmental managers and engineers
  • Safety professionals
  • Security specialists
  • Regulatory affairs directors
  • Human resource managers
  • Maintenance supervisors

Exhibit Booth Space

All ILTA booth space is sold in 10’ x 10’ increments. For ILTA supplier members, the booth fee is $25.75 per square foot; for non-members, the booth fee is $33.00 per square foot. For booths 800 square feet or larger, the fee is $21.00/square foot for members and $29.50/square foot for non-members. The fee includes an 8’ high back drape and 3’ high side rails, a company identification sign, aisle carpet throughout the exhibit hall, aisle signs identifying booth numbers, general security during the official show hours, a full listing with contact information and company description in the show guide and on the mobile application, and the final registrant mailing list.

Priority Booking System for Exhibitors

Initial booking for 2019 was held during the 2018 show and was open only to companies exhibiting in the 2018 show. Booking priority was determined by the number of years a company has exhibited in the ILTA show, size of space utilized in 2018, and number of years as a supplier member of ILTA.

Booking Schedule for Exhibitors

  1. Companies in the 2018 show — Priority Deadline: June 30, 2018
  2. Supplier Members/Past Exhibitors/2018 Waitlist Companies — Priority Deadline: August 31, 2018
  3. Others in the Industry — Space available on September 1, 2018

For applications received after the initial booking period but prior to the priority deadline, factors considered will include the number of years the company has participated in the show, ILTA membership history, and the date of receipt of the application.

For applications received after the priority deadline, exhibit space will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and will including consideration of the number of years the company has participated in the show as well as ILTA membership history.

Past participation or membership in ILTA conveys no legal right to the applicant regarding this event.

ILTA reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any exhibitor.