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ILTA Terminal Member Application

Any company or partnership that owns or operates, directly or through a subsidiary, a liquid terminal in the United States or any other country is eligible to be a terminal member of ILTA. Membership in ILTA is available to companies that transfer and store liquids in bulk quantities and companies that transfer liquids in bulk quantities from one mode of transportation to another. Terminal membership includes companies with for hire facilities that handle products owned by customers, and it also includes product-owning companies operating their own proprietary bulk liquid terminals used exclusively for the facility owner’s products.


All terminal members are eligible to participate in the annual meeting of ILTA held in October of each year. Matters voted on by the membership include the slate of officers and directors and other business determined by the Board of Directors.

Annual Dues

Annual dues are based upon the total amount of global storage capacity of all tanks used for the transportation and distribution of products in bulk quantities. Companies that do not own a terminal in the United States pay discounted annual dues.

To join ILTA as a terminal member, please download the Terminal Member Application:

Terminal Member Application