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Monthly Industry Calls 
2021 Industry Call Schedule - Every 3rd Thursday of each month. 
ILTA is committed to providing resources to you to help you and your company through these uncertain times. We hope you can join the ongoing conversations with your peers, either on our weekly calls or anytime on-line. ILTA serves a remarkable community of professionals. We know the more we can help to bring you together, the lighter the load will be through our current challenges. We hope you can join us.

September 16, at 4:00 p.m. ET
Guest Speakers - Agidens 
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June 17, 2021, at 4:00 p.m. ET
Guest Speaker Sam Reid, CEO of Dearman Systems
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More and more, terminal companies are seeking secure and comprehensive software solutions for automation, enterprise management, and data aggregation needs. ILTA member companies will have the opportunity to learn more from a key provider of these systems - and ILTA supplier member - Dearman Systems. Dearman CEO Sam Reid will provide an overview of the company’s suite of software offerings and capabilities to manage terminals of all shapes and sizes – for operators managing a single terminal to more than fifty.

The presentation will provide a deeper-dive into LYNX, an order management and logistics application developed by Dearman Systems. Mr. Reid will describe how Dearman intends LYNX to revolutionize the bulk liquids market by linking terminal operators, position holders, and customers in a real-time, self-service portal for optimized order management.

Contact Dearman Systems 
(520) 298-1677