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A respected industry publication for ILTA members, this monthly newsletter highlights legislative and regulatory activities affecting terminal facilities. It also provides news on recent business development within the terminal industry, including new construction, expansions, acquisitions and additions to ILTA's membership, as well as important information about ILTA's committee meetings, conferences and training events. ILTA also offers ILTA News Plus to members. This publication, sent on weeks that ILTA News is not published, aggregates industry and member news.

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ILTA Statement for the Record on Senate EPW Hearing on, “Examining PFAS as Hazardous Substances”

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Dear Chairman Carper, Ranking Member Moore Capito, and the rest of the esteemed Senate Environment & Public Works Committee members, please accept for the record the following statement from the International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) on the March 20, 2024 full committee hearing on, “Examining PFAS as a Hazardous Substance.”

ILTA Celebrates 50th Anniversary Following Decades of Growth, Advocacy, and Industry Comradery

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Washinton D.C., February 2, 2024 - 2024 marks a special celebration for the International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) as it is the association’s 50th anniversary. Since 1974, ILTA has worked alongside bulk liquid terminal companies and their supplier partners to educate, advocate, and unify the bulk liquid terminaling industry. This year, we invite you to join us in celebrating ILTA’s history of leadership, growth, and service.

Bulk liquid terminals, as the critical storage and logistics nodes for products like oil and gas, biofuels like ethanol, liquid hydrogen, asphalt, food products like molasses, and beyond, play a significant role in our everyday lives.

Over the decades, ILTA has grown from a small body of only a few members to today representing over seventy terminal companies and three hundred supplier companies, from small facilities with only a few terminal tanks to multicontinental organizations employing thousands across the globe. Our annual conference and trade show has grown to be the industry’s leading convention, bringing together thousands in the industry to share their ideas and learn with one another. Likewise, our biannual committee meetings and annual Terminal Operating Practices Symposium offer further opportunities for the industry to grow.

ILTA Member Feature: Greg Mouras, Shell

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Greg Mouras, General Manager of US Midstream Operations for Shell, got his start in the industry working at the company when he was fresh out of school 20 years ago. As an engineer providing technical support for operations, Mouras worked in upstream operations for 15 years before a new opportunity presented itself in midstream operations in 2018.

“That was when I really got opened up to the terminal industry, specifically in crude, refined products and chemicals,” Mouras said, touching on the two elements of his job he enjoys most. “Definitely the people. I get to work with a great team, extended team, and organization. That's what switches me on is getting to work with people.”

Mouras also enjoys the technical challenges and problem-solving aspects that come along with his role.

“In operations, there’s never a lack of things to work out, whether technically or commercially,” he said. “It really is a 24/7 fast-paced environment, which has always been appealing to me.”

Industry wide, Mouras says he’s noticed a shift over the last several years of companies focusing intently on their bottom lines, in addition to a major shift toward renewable, greener energy sources.

Liquid Terminals will Serve Today’s Fuel Needs and be Tomorrow’s Hydrogen Hubs

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Dr. Kathryn Clay, who is president of the International Liquid Terminals Association and holds a PhD in Physics from University of Michigan, knows a little bit about the world energy picture. Recently she spoke about the current and future outlook for fuels during a panel at the U.S. Energy Association’s Fifth Annual Advanced Energy Forum.

While liquid terminals may operate behind the scenes, they play a vital role in the world energy supply chain and are critical to getting fuels, agricultural products and other bulk liquid commodities where they need to be and when they need to be there. Kathryn told the audience that the U.S. could be a significant exporter of hydrogen produced from renewables if we can get permitting right.