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A respected industry publication for ILTA members, this monthly newsletter highlights legislative and regulatory activities affecting terminal facilities. It also provides news on recent business development within the terminal industry, including new construction, expansions, acquisitions and additions to ILTA's membership, as well as important information about ILTA's committee meetings, conferences and training events. ILTA also offers ILTA News Plus to members. This publication, sent on weeks that ILTA News is not published, aggregates industry and member news.

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Lowering Emissions at Liquid Storage Tank Facilities Through Hydrogen

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As mentioned in previous editions of this newsletter, capitalizing on the growth of the hydrogen economy as a key part of the energy transition may require investment by the liquid terminal industry store hydrogen or ammonia (a common hydrogen energy carrier). However, liquid terminal facilities will not only act as integral pieces of the hydrogen supply chain but may also become hydrogen customers.

ILTA Planning Energy Transition Industry Call Series

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As part of a new monthly series, ILTA will be holding its first industry call on July 19th regarding the transition to low- and no-carbon forms of liquid energy. July’s call will feature a moderated, high-level conversation on market trends and what the future holds for the wider energy transition. Panelists will include ILTA members and clean energy market experts, including ILTA Board member and Buckeye Partners’ Vice President of Sustainability Meridith Wilson.

An invitation will be sent to all ILTA Environment, Health, Safety, & Security (EHSS) Committee members in the near future. If you would like to join our EHSS Committee, please email Christopher Meilink:

ILTA Launches Terminals Industry Community Platform, ILTA Connect!

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ILTA is excited to announce the launch of ILTA Connect, a new community platform for ILTA terminal members! ILTA Connect is meant for members to share relevant information and news about what’s going on in our industry, ask questions, and foster discussion. In this space, you will be able to join different communities based on committees and working groups.  

This platform is your new “go-to” site to explore environment, health, safety, security, and operations topics and receive rapid feedback from your peers. ILTA Connect serves as a place to continue your conversations from ILTA meetings and events and it is your gateway to members-only resources like safety moments and sustainability reporting shared by other ILTA members.

Log on to ILTA Connect today using your ILTA member account or create an account if you don’t have one! For further questions or resolving any issues with your account, please email

Member Feature: Joel Pastorek

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Joel Pastorek, Executive Vice President of Integrated Services & Logistics and Exploration & Production at Ergon, Inc., began his career with the company 18 years ago as a Project Engineer.

“My introduction to terminals began with overseeing expansion projects at our terminaling facilities,” Pastorek said. “I later moved into operations leadership roles within our terminaling business.”

Throughout his career, Pastorek has found one thing has risen to the top in terms of his favorite aspect of his job.

“The best part of my job is the people,” he said. “I have an opportunity to work alongside team members to develop logistics solutions that provide value to our customers.”

ILTA Launches Air Permitting Working Group

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In a May 9, 2023, meeting with industry representatives, including ILTA members, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) discussed an upcoming Technology Review of the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for storage tanks, 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart Kb, which applies to the construction, reconstruction, or modification of tanks storing volatile organic liquids. Pursuant to a consent decree in Environmental Integrity Project, et al. and Concerned Citizens of St. John et al. v. Michael Regan, the EPA is expected to release a proposed new NSPS, 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart Kc, by September 29, 2023.